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What are the main areas to be addressed when performing a Safety Audit?


What are the main areas to be addressed when performing a Safety Audit?

Generally, the purpose of health and safety Audit is to ensure the company compliance with the health and safety regulations that are promulgated by Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Most of the professionals recommended the company to do an audit by the third party of external safety Audit Consultants from the certified consultancy service like Green Global Safety Systems. Here are the following areas to be addressed by the consultants when performing an audit

Validate the documents and safety programs

Safety consultant receives the copies of the document which is given by the organization and validates those documents. You can also provide with the steps to be implemented within an organization.  They check whether the workers follow the safety law formed by the industry.

Review Written Documents and database

The audit team will review the written documents related to the organization’s activities. They also analyze the prior documents to prevent workers and site from repeated violations.  Based on the review of the documents they assist the company to refine agenda.

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