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Nebosh Course in Chennai



What kinds of People can be studied?

All Kind of safety professionals working in various sectors is eligible. There is no minimum Educational Qualification for this Course, But the candidate must understand English, Write Examination in English, Present project report in English. Once the candidate is completed the course he will have job in his hand ready before he completes.

Course contents

IGC1: Management of Health and Safety

  • Foundations in Health & Safety Policy
  • Organizing for Health & Safety
  • Promoting a Positive Health & Safety Culture
  • Risk Assessment
  • Principles of Control
  • Monitoring, Review & Audit
  • Incident & Accident Investigation, Recording & Reporting

IGC2: Controlling Workplace Hazards

  • Movement of People & Vehicles – Hazards & Control
  • Manual & Mechanical Handling – Hazards & Control
  • Work Equipment – Hazards & Control
  • Electrical – Hazards & Control 
  • Fire – Hazards & Control 
  • Chemical & Biological Health – Hazards & Control
  • Physical & Psychological Health – Hazards & Control
  • Construction Activities – Hazards & Control  


IGC3: Health & Safety Practical Application

  • The completion of a health & safety assessment of a workplace and report to management


  • Health and safety is the important concern while working in the industry. NEBOSH course prevents people from getting injury and loss of life. People who are certified with NEBOSH course know how to protect their employers avoid litigation, absence costs and loss of reputation.
  • Employers whose staffs are NEBOSH qualified is an employer committed to health and safety. A NEBOH, IOSH course in Chennai  provide the safe environment to the people – that can help the organization to achieve standards and can even win new business.
  • An employee with NEBOSH certified course has a practical knowledge that brings real value to the modern global workplace.