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Roles of Safety Officer

Roles of Safety Officer

There are thousands of people getting injured due to workplace accidents. The accidents in the workplace not only affect the employee who works in a site but also affects the employer who works behind the desk. To avoid these kinds of trouble workplace safety is important. Risk assessment is the key to a commercial environment. Risk Assessment help to reduce the risk of dangerous event occurs in the workplace and improve the safety of public and staff. There are various causes of workplace accidents which include employer carelessness, equipment insufficiencies and bad practices.


The company who fails to complete risk assessment will get an attention of OSHA, it is nothing but Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This is a government body, responsible for making an audit of the company and ensures the industrial safety and health. If the company doesn’t follow the safety standards then they need to pay a particular amount as penalty. The organization can give awareness to their workers through the best safety institute in Chennai.

The basic fire and safety course in Chennai will give the understanding to the workers to prevent themselves from accidents. As an employer, it is the responsibility to provide the safe working environment and protect the health of the employee.

Fire and Safety Courses

Fire and safety courses taught the workers about industrial health and safety. Fire and Safety is nothing but a set of control measures that can be used to reduce the workplace accidents. After completing the safety course you can get placement in top most industries. Most of the company recruit the candidate who completes NEBOSH Course in Chennai. It is easy for the employer to hire the employee with certification instead of providing a safety course.

Roles of Safety Officer

The completion of fire and safety course will help you to become a safety officer in a particular organization. The roles of safety officers are

Prevent accidents, workplace injuries

One of the primary responsibilities of the safety officer is to prevent the workers from the accidents.  The safety officers normally create the safety policies according to the regulation. They need to check whether the regulations are properly implemented by the organization.

To perform risk Assessment

The safety officer is responsible for investigating the accidents which are occurred in the workplace. They also give the recommendation to improve the safety standards of the organization.

Train Staffs

They train the worker about how to deal with the equipment and how to improve the productivity. They are the contact member who has a concern about the workplace safety.


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