Staying safe in the Chemical industry | Safety Measures

Staying safe in the Chemical industry

Staying Safe in the Chemical Industry

Staying safe in the Chemical industry

Even in a normal workplace, there are chances of things going wrong. Any hazard can arise from the tiniest of things. A piece of dormant furniture in an inappropriate place may lead to tripping and probable injury. If this is the case in a regular IT sector with no hazardous processes carried out, think of the chemical industry. The normal day itself deals with hazardous chemicals. 

The role of Safety Audit Consultants is vital to ensure a safe working environment for the employees in such an industry. Following safety guidelines is very critical and nothing can be left to chance. No matter how insignificant it may be.

Here are some safety measures for Staying safe in the Chemical industry that you need to have if you work in the chemical industry. 

1 – Safety training and education

It is always good to be safe than sorry. No employer must assume that all employees know what to do during a crisis. All new employees must learn everything about the safety practice policy of the company. They must be aware of what to do and what not to do when an adverse situation arise. Proper information on handling chemicals must pass to the employees. Anything about the reaction properties of the chemical can be stated clearly wherever possible. They may enroll in a Fire and safety Course in Chennai as it is of the utmost importance in the chemical industry.

2 – Proper labeling of items

Half of the threat is reduced if everything is free of doubts. A legible label must be on all the items handled by the employees. It helps in the clear identification of the chemicals and prevents any unwanted mixing that may end up being harmful. Directions to handle, use, and dispose of the item must be clearly stated in a language familiar to all employees concerned.

3 – Inspection of the location

Regular inspection must be carried in all locations where chemicals are stored. Everything must be done according to the guidelines. Any two chemicals that are highly reactive with each other should be kept apart. If the location is enclosed—to prevent reaction with air, then ensure that all safety measures for proper breathing of employees are in place. Enrolling in an IOSH Course in Chennai would provide you with the fundamental training needed to ensure safety in such situations.

4 – Preventive and emergency equipment

First aid kits and other emergency equipment must be present at accessible locations across the workplace. It will help in minimizing a threat with timely intervention. A simple eyewash can save someone from getting blind. All they need is a proper sink facility at regular intervals. If there is a leak, suitable equipment must be present at the site to mitigate the risk. 

5 – Keep the workplace clean

If the workplace is messy, potential threats might be lurking behind that mess. If everything is not in the right place, there is confusion—and out of confusion, an adverse situation may arise. 

Employees must dispose of the wastes only in a designated spot. The work clothes should be properly cleaned. Otherwise, they may transfer any contamination or harmful residues out of the workplace.

Safety must be ensured by every individual. Only then the workplace becomes safe as a whole. All employees can learn the basics of safety through a NEBOSH Course in Chennai

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