What is NEBOSH Course? | Safety

What is NEBOSH safety Course?

What is NEBOSH safety Course?

Today getting a job in health and safety industry is considered to be a difficult task. In order to get a job in safety industry, the employee is required to have some certification in safety courses in Chennai. Past years there are people who are in high positions like managers and executives complete the training in safety courses. Small organizations may conduct the safety programs to their employees to educate them at once while the large industries may organize the constant training programs for their workers and ask them to take safety exams.

NEBOSH Safety courses

NEBOSH is a National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health which is developed in the United Kingdom to enhance the safety of the employee by educating them with the safety skills. There are more than 90 countries around the world that offer safety courses to the workers. During the study of the course, the students are taught with the basic ideas and technique in occupational health and safety. The following are the things to be considered while choosing the best safety institute in Chennai.


  • Check whether the institute is accredited by government or not
  • Check whether the trainers in the institute are certified
  • Do the certificate which they offer which should be verified by concern awarding bodies.

Benefits of NEBOSH Course

  • The person who completes NEBOSH course in Chennai can get an additional advantage while seeking a job in health and safety industries. From the course, the student knows how to identify and control workplace hazards.
  • By completing the certification in NEBOSH course you will get the knowledge in safety and health of the organization that provides the safe environment to the employer who works in the organization.
  • Once you have years of experience in the industry you can audit the workplace and give a suggestion to improve the safety of the workplace.

Topics in NEBOSH Course

The following are the topics to be learned by the students during the study of the course.

  • Nature of Occupational health and safety
  • General principles of control
  • Safety signs and signals
  • Health and safety auditing
  • Control measures when working in all workplace conditions.

Why Green Global Safety Systems?

Green Global safety systems are one of the accredited safety course providers in Chennai. They have more than 10+ well-experienced trainers who give the training to the students. They provide authorised study materials and teach interview based key points to the students.

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