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What are the causes of Workplace accidents?

What are the causes of Workplace accidents?

Workplace accidents are unavoidable no matter how the employee careful and cautious in their work. Workplace accidents affect everyone in an organization such as an employer, employee and the material which is present in the organization. There are many factors cause workplace accidents. Some of the workplace accidents occur without prior notice and some of the accidents can be easily avoided with the precaution methods taken by the organization. There are many things help you to avoid workplace accidents such as sufficient safety training and safety audit. It is important to know the cause of the accidents to avoid injuries and accidents in the workplace.

Causes of Workplace accidents


Poor Maintenance

Maintenance of the equipment is important to ensure the safety of the workers. If the machinery and equipment which is present in the industry are not maintained properly then it will increase the risk of malfunction. It is advisable for the industry to inspect machinery periodically. So that you can identify the problems in the machines and able to take steps to avoid accidents.


 It is human nature to complete the task within a minimum period of time. To complete the task in short time most of the people choose shortcuts. When working with the dangerous machinery it is not a good idea for taking shortcuts. It is better to avoid shortcuts if you working with heavy materials.

Avoiding safety procedures

Safety procedure is one of the important things the worker needs to follow. Some people think that safety procedures are difficult to follow and time-consuming one. The approach endangers everyone in the industry. From the safety procedures, the workers know how to use the heavy materials and how to handle the problem in the materials.

Lack of training

Lack of preparation is one of the important reasons for workplace accidents. The worker who works on the equipment without having enough knowledge then it will cause accidents.

The organization need to provide workers with the safety courses like NEBOSH and IOSH. NEBOSH course in Chennai helps the employee to know workplace hazards and the precautions to be performed in the hazardous time. There is a number of safety institute in Chennai helps the organization to give enough knowledge about workplace safety.


Some of the industry doesn’t have a sufficient number of employees. They use insufficient employees to complete the task. Not getting enough rest in the work will lead to injuries. Be sure you provide a break to the employee.

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