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Types of Safety Audits

Types of Safety Audits

As a Business organization, you have to comply with the rules and regulations of the government for protecting the workers and the business. Health and safety Audit Consultants help you to manage this process. They help the organization to minimize the risk, reduce the cost which is spending for accidents and improve the business performance. The main objective of safety audit is to identify the strengths and weakness of the organization, identify the areas to be improved and so on.

Why Conduct Safety Audit?

Companies which want to analyse or know the weak areas may do safety Audit. The organization can easily identify the risk in the workplace with the help of safety Audit. There is no other option is better than safety Audit to verify whether your management work properly or not. This also helps to increase the awareness among the employees. There are various types of safety audits available for the organization which is listed below.

Types of Safety Audit

Compliance Audit

This is one of the basic audits performed in an organization. A compliance audit is a comprehensive review of organizations regulations. The auditors review the rules and regulation formed by the employer to ensure the safety of the workplace. This audit is mainly performed to check whether the organization is public or private, what kind of work they do and are they comply with OSHA standards. OSHA is nothing but an Occupational Safety and Health Administration to ensure that an organization provide safe and healthy working environment.

Program Audit

Every organization has a program that indicates how to implement organization rules and regulations. The main purpose of program audit is to analyse whether the workers follow the organization’s rules and regulations. One of the challenging jobs in program audit is to determine the performance using the standard. This Audit is used to indicate the potential exposures and risk in the industry. Normally this Audit is performed once in a year to verify whether the people in an organization follow the safety programs.

Management Safety Audit

This is the final safety Audit to check the effectiveness of the organization. Management safety audit analyses effectiveness of management, that is the organization met with the goal, employee involvement in the work and risk control procedures. This Audit involves in workplace observation and document review. Electrical safety Audit consultants help you to check the electrical circuits and electrical installations of the organization.

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