How to Avoid Electrical Hazards | Safety

How to Avoid Electrical Hazards

How to Avoid Electrical Hazards

Electricity is essential for the modern world. The workers in most of the organization directly or indirectly work with electricity. Electricity is recognized as one of the important reasons for workplace hazards. By performing Electrical safety audit annually you can easily reduce the number of accidents due to electricity. OSHA standards are designed to check the electrical installation of the organization and make sure of the organization safety.

Examine power tools regularly

Look over the power boards and plugs to ensure that there is no sign of damage. If you find any damage then you need to take action to repair them. Be aware of using the electrical tools. Check the extension cord properly before install them.

Electrical components need to be dry

It is one of the vital rules needs to be followed during electrical safety. Keep the electrical circuit and plugs away from the water. It is highly recommended by safety professionals, to ensure the electrical components stay dry.

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