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What is Electrical safety Audit?

What is Electrical safety Audit?

Electrical hazards affect the safety of the people in the organization and the property which is present in the organization. Electrical safety audit helps the organization to ensure the safety of the employer.

In most of the industries, it is common to get fire accidents due to electrical factors, especially the industries like gas and chemical industries. The safety audit is the process of inspecting the electrical circuit and the instruments which are present in the organization has been checked. After this inspection, the organization is provided with the information about the electrical safety and the necessary steps to be taken to avoid accidents.


The number of the accident is considerably less due to a safety audit. There are number of safety audit available to safeguard the employee such as

  • Fire safety audit
  • General safety audit
  • Construction safety audit
  • Electrical safety audit

In this article, you know about the electrical safety audit.

The objective of Electrical safety audit

  • Verification of statutory compliance with respect to the rules and regulations of Indian Electricity.
  • Physical inspection of the organization will let them know electrical shock, explosion and fire.
  • Identify the areas of overloading current and give a suggestion to improve the safety of the organization.
  • Reviews the electrical prevention system and how effective is it with the assessment of previous accident.
  • Review of electrical systems and its maintenance
  • Assessing the quality of the cables. It is important to avoid electrical shock and fire accidents.

Key benefits of electrical safety audit

  • The safety audit increases the safety of an employer and stack holders.
  • The outcome of the safety audit helps the organization to know the outcome of the organization.
  • Improves the performance of the electrical system and reduce the accidents
  • The electrical safety audit resulted in the productivity of the organization.

What is the outcome of the safety audit process?

  • Recommended set of actions
  • Overall scoring of the safety
  • Summary of the safety audit process.
  • Providing suggestion for improvement

Safety Audit consultants in green global safety system help the organization to know their strength and weakness in the electrical safety system. They also give the recommendation to be done to increase the safety of the organization.


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