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About Fire and Safety training


About Fire and Safety training

A safety audit is the more advanced stage of a risk assessment. This consists of a safety consultant auditing all the policies, procedures, training and safety controls used for fire safety within a business. Generally, Fire and Safety Course in Chennai involves:

Checking all interiors and fire routes and check all control measures are in place, for example, the fire extinguishers, fire alarms, signage, and emergency lightings. Going over any relevant documents, for instance, certificates and maintenance records. Drawing up a detailed plan of the premises with all the fire controls marked. It’s mainly about creating an emergency plan draft. The fire safety consultant can discuss with the employer or individual in charge of what was discovered and the measures that should be put in place.

Fire and safety training

All workers should be provided with a safety training course. This will ensure that everyone knows what to do should a fire break out. The safety courses in Chennai cover the following thing:

  • How to go about raising an alarm?
  • The better way to use fire-fighting equipment
  • How to evaluate the premises and where the exits are located
  • Where to assemble the equipment?

These are some important issues, everyone should know about these things. It is important that regular fire assessments are carried out and that employees are provided with the appropriate training to ensure their safety.


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